Why do Alabama employers choose to partner with THE FUND to handle their workers’ comp commitment?


We are one of the largest workers’ compensation providers in the state, covering over 150,000 Alabama employees with payrolls exceeding $6 billion.


Serving Alabama businesses since 1978, we have a proven record of service.


We have produced nearly half billion dollars in assets.


Short term, we offer competitive initial pricing. Long term, we help control the cost of claims which can reduce an employer’s individual cost. In addition, excess funds are returned to eligible members through the Retrospective Return Plan.

The Fund has returned $271 million in retro renewal credits since 1978.

The deciding factor, however, may be deeper rooted. We are 70 people working together in one focused, mutual effort, handling worksite safety and injury across the state. We focus on just workers’ compensation in Alabama—no other types of coverages. We know the employees, employers, and the medical and legal community. We have no excuse for not being the best at what we do.


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THE FUND Fast Facts

  • Sponsoring Association: The Business Council of Alabama, Montgomery, Alabama
  • Service Organization: Employer’s Claim Management, Inc., Montgomery, Alabama
  • Regulated By: Alabama Department of Labor, Montgomery, Alabama
  • Certified Public Accountants: Sovereign CPA Group, LLC, Birmingham, Alabama and Hardman LLC, Dan C. Hardman, CPA, Blountsville, Alabama
  • Cross Border Carrier: Sentry Insurance Company – A.M. Best Rated A+ (Superior)
  • Investment Advisors: Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, Montgomery, Alabama

  • Excess Carrier: Midwest Employers Casualty Company – A.M. Best Rated A+ (Superior)
  • Actuaries: Willis Towers Watson, Atlanta, Georgia and Bickerstaff, Whatley, The Burkhalter Group, Madison, Mississippi.

  • Membership: Alabama companies in various industries
  • Founded: 1978


Safe work environments and swift recovery from injury requires commitment and effort at the highest company level. Those efforts produce more than just reduced insurance costs, it improves morale, motivation and productivity.

THE FUND is committed to promoting worker’s compensation awareness with all its member companies.


Our goal is to work with employers in controlling their workers’ compensation cost. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this goal is by implementing and maintaining an effective safety program that helps prevent workplace accidents. The claim frequency for the group of employers that we serve has been reduced by more than 45% over the past ten years.


$271 Million In Retro Renewal Credits Since 1978

We’re putting money back in the hands of Alabama employers.

  • The Retrospective Return Plan is a controlled method of returning excess funds accumulated due to favorable operating experience to the membership.
  • The return plan uses an actuarial formula to determine when returns to members should be made.
  • The retrospective return formula was devised by Willis Towers Watson, a nationally recognized actuarial firm, to provide for the accumulation of adequate amounts of retained funds before returns may be made to Fund members.
  • A fund year must mature two years before it can be considered in the formula.
  • The experience-driven formula allows the balance in the retro reserve to be used to offset potential future adverse experience or to make returns to members. This feature helps insulate members from adverse experiences and rewards members when experience is favorable.


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