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We market our workers’ compensation program through the independent insurance agency system throughout the country. Rather than send paperwork to all those making requests, we offer our Brokerage Agreement in two instances: 1. If after submitting an application and a quotation is given, a request is made to bind coverage, or 2. A Broker of Record letter is received on a current member. We do make exceptions for past relationships.

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THE FUND provides workers’ compensation coverage for participating members. Benefits are those included in the Alabama Workers’ Compensation Law. Excess and Employers Liability coverage is provided by Midwest Employers Casualty Company. In addition, through a special arrangement with Sentry Insurance Company, coverage for approved operations of member companies is provided for cross border exposures.


Providing loss control and claims service through Employer’s Claim Management, Inc., THE FUND works with members to encourage and enhance the safety efforts through a variety of educational services. Training programs include accident investigations, forklift training and supervisor training. Workshops covering claim and loss control techniques, OSHA reporting and other educational services are provided throughout the year. An online portal, the CompInfoCenter, for our brokers and members is available to access detailed account related information and claim information.


In Alabama, a self-insured group (SIG) pools the liabilities of two or more employers, generally of common interest either by industry or association relationship. Unlike the traditional market, SIG’s are not in the business of maximizing profits; we are in the business of minimizing costs to our members. The “equity position” the member enjoys in the SIG creates a stakeholder mentality that aligns the member’s interests with those of the SIG and the SIG’s interests with those of the member.

SIG-successIn the regulation of SIG’s, the Alabama Department of Labor requires a Joint and Several Liability Clause be included in all SIG Participation Agreements.  Joint and Several Liability means that each SIG member is jointly and severally liable for any deficit that occurred during the years they were a participant in the group.

For more information, download a free copy of Understanding Group Self-Insured Workers’ Compensation Funds here.

"An environment that promotes safety and health ensures our team members can focus on what they do best - providing service that surprises. Employer’s Claim Management (The Fund’s service provider) has been a valuable partner in supporting these goals. They focus on training to prevent. When a safety event does occur, Employer's Claim Management is quick to respond and efficient with their methods while keeping the employee’s health needs a primary concern."
Sherry Haag | Vice President Human Resources & Risk Management, ROBERT TRENT JONES GOLF TRAIL
"Today, we are experiencing lower claim costs and numbers because of our partnership with Employer’s Claim Management. Our case manager walks through our claims with us on monthly calls, follows up with physicians that are treating our employees and helps us to do what is right by our employees and our company. They are a true business partner. We truly appreciate their services."
Lee Brown | Director of Human Resources, PARADIGM INVESTMENT GROUP LLC
"In 2013 when I first got actively involved on our company’s safety committee, it was clear that we needed some expert help to revamp our corporate safety program. Steve Searle, of Employers Claim Management, asked to meet with me to discuss the specific changes he felt strongly we should consider. Together, he and I spearheaded Hardy’s new S.A.F.E. campaign to emphasize the important role our superintendents and foremen play in operating a safe jobsite, and building a true safety culture. Steve’s credibility with our field operations leaders has had a real impact on dramatically reducing our number and cost of workplace accidents over the last three years."


COVID-19 Announcement

March 16th, 2020|Comments Off on COVID-19 Announcement

Dear Member: We are aware of concerns about COVID-19, its impact on the workforce, and workers’ compensation coverage.  We are [...]