The Business Council of Alabama

Since its founding in 1985 with the consolidation of the Alabama Chamber of Commerce and the Associated Industries of Alabama, the Business Council of Alabama (BCA) has worked hard to improve Alabama’s business climate. The BCA has been instrumental in securing passage of a number of real reforms – tax credits for small business, job creation, incentives for economic development, and positive changes in our public education system. That’s why Alabama businesses and industries of all shapes and sizes have come to depend on the Business Council of Alabama as the state’s most powerful and effective advocate for business.

In 2003, we broadened our reach with an historic agreement with more than 60,000 members of local chambers of commerce across the state known as The Partnership. Recently we formed exclusive partnerships with the Alabama Automotive Manufacturers Association and the Alabama Aerospace Industry Association to further their reach. The BCA is also proud to be Alabama’s exclusive affiliate to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. And in 2013 we created the Business Education Alliance of Alabama to encourage business involvement in public education.

Together, we have found common ground on business issues affecting the men and women and their families who make up Alabama’s business community. On the strength of our thousands of members who employ nearly one million Alabamians, we are heard. Thanks to our strong and growing membership, BCA is the voice for business in Alabama.

For more than 30 years our goal has been to represent Alabama businesses and industries of all shapes and sizes as the state’s most powerful and effective business advocate in the Alabama Legislature and the U.S. Congress. Continuing that role is our pledge to our members.

Businesses are invited to become part of our ever-growing efforts to make Alabama a better place to live, work, and raise our families.

For more information on the Business Council of Alabama please contact Helena T. Duncan at 334.240.8741 or

Benefits of BCA Membership

  • Exclusive access to the Alabama Self-Insured Workers’ Compensation Fund, Inc.
  • Deep discounts on FedEx, UPS and shipping through our BCA member’s only Shipping Plus program
  • BCA’s Daily Briefing
  • Weekly Capital Briefing
  • Weekly Washington Briefing
  • BCA Legislative Alerts
  • BCA’s magazine Business Advocate
  • BCA’s magazine Manufacturer’s Advocate
  • BCA’s Partner Magazine Business Alabama
  • Invitation to congressional calls
  • Access to BCA Business podcasts
  • Access to BCA “Investor’s Only” events
  • Access to the BCA App
  • BCA and the National Association of Manufacturer’s (NAM) news
  • BCA and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce news
  • Investor Spotlight– Your Company milestones are highlighted on BCA’s Investor Spotlight articles, blogs.
  • Your company news highlighted on BCA’s official Twitter feed.

Go ahead, take advantage of us! To join BCA, contact Helena T. Duncan at 334.240.8741 or