When new owners took over Fravert Services in 1988, they inherited host of workers’ comp problems, including an almost non-existent safety culture that had previously resulted in two fatalities. The new leadership of the long-running business, which designs custom signs that are not only functional but also works of art, wanted to create a positive and safe work environment where employees can take pride in both their work and their company.

The owners at Fravert Services knew they needed to change the company culture by taking a proactive approach to safety that would blend positive reinforcement with strict rule enforcement. They sought to overhaul the attitude of the staff to effectively change the prevailing cowboy mentality of employees to a mindset focused on safety.


Fravert Services turned to THE FUND to help improve the workplace environment, starting with communicating the idea that there was a new sheriff in town—and safety was the law of the land. THE FUND developed a strategic plan to ensure all employees understood that safety was a core value and the number one priority by:

  • Mandating the use of essential safety equipment, including hard hats, safety harnesses, eye and hearing protection
  • Educating employees about safety practices and how to avoid potential safety risks
  • Hiring new managers that championed the safety culture and message
  • Holding safety meetings and audits to ensure safety standards are consistently upheld


Thanks to THE FUND’s establishment of an overall safer workplace, employees at Fravert Services now take ownership of their safety and know that their voice matters. Because safety has been so ingrained in the company’s culture, it has become second nature for employees to maintain safety standards—ultimately decreasing incidents and increasing morale.

THE FUND effectively transformed the ‘Wild West’ attitude that was prevalent at Fravert Services—turning risk-prone cowboys into a team of safety-focused professionals.


We know THE FUND cares about our employees and works proactively to ensure we maintain a safe work environment and helps us manage claims when a loss occurs. We know that they are working with us to keep our employees safe.

Craig Fravert, President
Fravert Services


Written by: Loren Traylor, Director of Program Development at THE FUND